Supermarket Savings: Picking the Grocery Sales

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Save money by picking the best sales

The term “cherry picking” refers to the concept that every week a grocery store will feature several sale items with extreme value pricing, so low it may be worth buying and even stocking up on them for rare dramatic savings. There may be a qualifying purchase attached such as “save $3.00 on a 12-pack of cola when you spend an additional $25.00” on your groceries that day (with reward card and coupon)! If you normally pay $3.99, this is a 75% savings on your purchase! If you can find several others like this kind of savings, it may be worth it to purchase some of your regular staples to get these deals.

There are numerous chains around trying to persuade you to shop with them. If you go to each store and “cherry pick” their best advertised sales, you will save many dollars more than using only one market that week. As long as you’re not buying things you don’t need or don’t use, or traveling outrageous distances wasting your valuable time and gas, I recommend you at least check out markets near your home and/or workplace to cherry pick.

Supermarket reward/discount cards are free and make sense to own. Even those you don’t regularly use and great if you happen to be cherry picking that week or are in an area where you want to shop that you don’t normally visit.

Non-perishables make sense to buy in bulk when you are getting these kinds of super savings. If there is a limit in how many you may purchase, try to obtain extra coupons by stopping at another branch of the supermarket and repeating your purchase for spectacular savings! If you are saving, for example, $3.00 on a purchase of paper towels you regularly use, why not buy more than one package and save $3.00 again? Just make sure that you truly need and use the items, have room to store them, and it’s worth your time and energy to stock up. And, oh yes…check the unit pricing and store brand prices to be sure it is the best value you can buy!

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